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Name:Daeron of Doriath
Daeron the Minstrel

Daeron was born before the sun or moon had first risen in his world, in a forest called Doriath in Middle-Earth, a place of eternal star-shine. He grew up in the courts of his father, Thingol Graymantle, and eventually surpassed his teachers and fellow students to become the court's head minstrel and loremaster, due to his talents in music and linguistics. His best friend was his elder sister, the beautiful Luthien, whom he spent many hours with.

When Luthien fell in love with a human man, Daeron, in both jealousy and fear for her, betrayed her and her lover to the king twice over, but when Thingol shut Luthien up in a tree house to keep her from following her love to help him, he regretted his actions, and again regained her trust. He built her the loom that she used to escape, and he never saw her again.

Filled with loss and regret, especially since he had sworn an oath to protect her, one he now could not fulfill, he went out searching for her, but as time wore on it took a great toll on his sanity. He eventually passed beyond Beleriand into the Eastern parts of the world, singing songs of Luthien and lost in madness.

From there he ended up traveling the world, ignoring or perhaps not even hearing the call of the sea from the West, existing amongst humans for many, many ages without seeing another Elf - save perhaps Maglor, Son of Fëanor.


Daeron has lived past a great very many generations of men, and seen many kingdoms fall and rise. He travels the modern world now, finding work as a teacher and entertainer when needed. He has learned a great deal since his youth, and has come to an unsteady sort of peace with his life in the human world. His friendships, when he dares make them, are strong, though to him entirely too fleeting.

Most find him to be aloof or shy, or even consider him to be snobbish. When befriended, however, he can be very talkative and generous with his friendship; when made an enemy of, he can be extremely sharp and cutting with his words, though he shies from physical confrontations.

Daeron is taken from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion and The Lay of Lethian. I do not own Daeron, J.R.R. Tolkien's work, or the model (Javier De Miguel) used as his PB.

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